Ushguli is a group of five small villages (Zhibiani, Chvibiani, Lamjurishi, Chazhashi and Murkmeli) located at the foot of Mt Shkhara and the mouth of the Enguri and Kvishiri rivers. At an altitude between 2060m and 2200m Ushguli is the highest permanently inhabited settlement in Europe. In Ushguli there are many of the characteristic Svanetian towers. The entire settlement consists of old houses built with stone walls. due to its isolation Ushguli has to a large extent preserved its old, medieval architecture. Ushguli is connected via a dirt track with Mestia. Currently a paved road is being built between Mestia and Ushguli.

01 Ushguli 02 Ushguli village 03 Svan towers 04 Road to Ushguli
05 Ushguli 06 Towers and house ruins 07 Ushguli 08 Svan towers
09 Svan towers 10 Ushgui 11 Koshi towers 12 Tower 13 Old woman 14 Stone walls
15 House ruins 16 Rooster 17 Svan towers 18 Hotel Chazhashi 19 Ushguli
20 Ushguli 21 Ruins 22 Tower 23 Ushguli 24 Ushguli
25 Old house 26 Alley 27 Tower 28 Cafe and chairs 29 Chair 30 Shkhara guesthouse
31 Tower 32 Tower 33 Svan towers 34 Old house 35 Path 36 Old house
37 Tower 38 Tower 39 Church
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