The market square is a large square in Oulu surrounded by several restored old wooden buildings and other old buildings. In and around the square there is a multitude of restaurants and the Oulu city theatre.

01 Wooden house on market square 02 Market hall 03 Toripolliisi policeman statue on market square 04 Toripolliisi policeman statue 05 Beijing Chinese restaurant
06 Beijing Chinese restaurant 07 Oulu city theatre 08 Oulu city theatre 09 Old wooden warehouse buildings
10 Old wooden warehouse buildings 11 Wooden house with restaurant 12 Yellow building on market square 13 Houses on market square
14 Pink wooden building near market square 15 Pink wooden building near market square 16 Restaurants in wooden houses on market square 17 Uusi Seurahuone restaurant 18 Uusi Seurahuone restaurant
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