Some photos of Tallinn, including the Kadriorg palace, an 18th century Petrine baroque palace built for Catherine I of Russia by Peter the Great, Tsar of Russia. The √úlemiste centre is a big shopping mall located out of Tallinn near the airport. Tallinn has a harbour with ferries and cruise ships to Finland, Sweden and Russia.

01 Yellow facade 02 Electric taxi 03 Tree 04 Park 05 War of independence victory column 06 Hirve park
07 Haunted building 08 Park 09 Statue on freedom square 10 Freedom square 11 Hirve park 12 My City hotel
13 Kadriorg park 14 Kadriorg palace 15 Kadriorg palace 16 Kadriorg park
17 Ulemiste centre 18 Ulemiste shopping mall 19 Ulemiste centre
20 Ulemiste shopping mall 21 Ferry Tallinn Helsinki 22 Tallink cruise boats
23 Ferry Tallinn Helsinki
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