The village of Siwa is centered around the old Shali fortress and consists of a number of houses, hotels, a market and a mosque. The village is relatively small and laid back and is surrounded by date palm and olive tree plantations. Donkey carts are still used as a transportation medium.

01 Donkey 02 Minaret 03 Spring onions 04 Vegetables market 05 Vegetables market
06 Vegetables market 07 Siwa mosque 08 Fruit stall 09 House of Siwa museum 10 House of Siwa museum 11 House of Siwa museum
12 Roof cafe terrace 13 Shali bazaar 14 Shali bazaar 15 Shali bazaar 16 Fruit and vegetables shop
17 Siwa village 18 Siwa village 19 Siwa hotel at dusk
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