Prague, the capital of the Czech republic, is a beautiful Central European city with renaissance palaces, Gothic cathedrals, narrow winding lanes, baroque domes, stone bridges and Art Nouveau facades. While the area around Prague has been settled since prehistoric times, the birth of the city took place in the 9th century AD, when a castle was set up in the area. In the subsequent centuries Prague developed economically and culturally as the centre of Bohemia. Since the fall of communism in the Czech republic at the beginning of the 1990s Prague has transformed itself from a beautiful East bloc capital into a vibrant and dynamic city, from a development point of view at the same level as any Western European capital. While performing this transition it has managed to retain its rich cultural heritage and charm. Prague has 1.2 million inhabitants.

01 Municipal house (Obecni Dum) 02 Municipal house 03 Hotel Pariz 04 Hotel Pariz main entrance 05 Hotel Pariz facade detail 06 Powder tower
07 St James Church 08 Zelezna street 09 Old town 10 Old town 11 Zelezna street and pedestrian area 12 Stavovske theatre
13 Painted cow statues 14 Prague City Hall 15 Old town street 16 Church of the Holy Saviour 17 St Francis church and Krizovnicke square 18 Church of the Holy Saviour front side detail
19 Statue of Charles IV 20 Old town 21 Old jewish cemetery 22 Old jewish cemetery 23 Jewish town hall 24 Jewish quarter (Josefov)
01 Kinsky palace 02 Church of our lady before Tyn 03 View of Old Town square 04 Church of our Lady before Tyn 05 Church of Our Lady before Tyn
06 View of Old Town square 07 View of Old Town square 08 Jan Hus monument 09 View of Male square 10 View of Male square
11 View of Male square 12 Old town hall 13 Astronomical clock and calendar 14 Calendar 15 East side of the Old Town square 16 East side of the Old Town square
17 St Nicholas church and restaurant tables 18 St Nicholas church 19 St Nicholas church and Old Town square 20 St Nicholas church interior 21 St Nicholas church 22 St Nicholas church side view
01 Strahov monastery gate 02 Strahov monastery 03 Strahov monastery 04 Strahov monastery detail 05 Pear tree 06 Cernin palace and Loreta square
07 Loreta church 08 Loreta street towards the castle 09 Schwarzenberg palace 10 Hradcanske square with castle 11 Front view of Prague castle
12 Castle guard 13 Castle main gate 14 Main entrance 15 St Vitus cathedral and Holy Cross Chapel 16 St Vitus cathedral and Holy Cross Chapel 17 St Vitus cathedral front view
18 St Vitus cathedral 19 St Vitus cathedral clock tower 20 Decorated window 21 Stained glass window in St Vitus cathedral 22 St Vitus cathedral interior 23 St Vitus cathedral interior
24 St Vitus cathedral roof 25 Rooster 26 Tower 27 Tower 28 Building 29 Royal palace
01 Mostecka street towards St Nicholas church 02 St Nicholas church and clock tower 03 Mala Strana square and tram stop 04 Mala Strana square 05 Mala Strana square 06 Mala Strana square and plague column
07 St Nicholas church front view 08 St Nicholas church cupola 09 Mostecka street at sunset 10 Maltese knights building 11 Mostecka street 12 Building
13 Letna park 14 Letna park 01 Charles bridge 02 Charles bridge 03 Charles bridge 04 Statues of St Elisabeth and St Margaret
05 Crucifix with golden hebraic inscription 06 View of Vlava river with tourist boat 07 Charles bridge 08 Street artist 09 Evening view of Vltava river and bridges
10 Vltava river and bridges 11 Panorama view of Prague 12 Vltava river with bridges 13 Manesuv bridge and Rudolfinum
14 View of Charles bridge and old town 15 New town riverfront at sunset 16 Vltava river at sunset 17 Vltava river and fisherman on boat 18 Vltava river at sunset
19 Vltava river at sunset 01 Stefanikova street near Andel metro station 02 Andel metro station and shopping complex 03 Andel underground station and tram lines 04 Andel underground station
05 Trams 06 Andel underground station and shops 07 Andel underground station 08 Internet cafe 09 Andel shopping complex and tram
10 Andel shopping complex 11 Plzenska street near Andel shopping complex 12 Inside Andel shopping complex 13 Carrefour store 01 Ginger and Fred building at sunset
02 Ginger and Fred building at sunset 03 Ginger and Fred building at sunset 04 Masarykovo street at sunset 05 Building along Masarykovo street 06 Masarykovo street
07 National theatre 08 National theatre 09 National theatre roof 10 Na Prikope street and pedestrian area 11 Wenceslas square with Koruna building
12 Koruna (Crown) building 13 Advertising flags along Koruna building 14 Fast food stall in Wenceslas square 15 Pedestrian area 16 National museum 17 Hotel Europa and Hotel Meran
18 Wenceslas square 01 Prague castle and St Vitus cathedral 02 Panorama view 03 Prague castle and St Vitus cathedral
04 Prague view 05 Panorama view of Prague and Vltava river 06 Vltava river and bridges
07 Charles bridge and Vltava river 08 View of Prague 09 View of Prague 10 Panorama view of Prague
11 Panorama view of Prague 01 Prague castle by night 02 Castle and St Vitus cathedral at night 03 Night view of Prague castle
04 Old town hall at night 05 Astronomical clock and calendar 06 Old town square at night 07 Church of Our Lady before Tyn at night 08 Church of Our Lady before Tyn 09 St Nicholas church at night
10 Kralodvorska street at night 11 Chocolate pastries 12 Wenceslas square at night 13 National museum at night
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