This gallery contains a selection of pictures of the Vltava river, the river which crosses Prague and flows into the Elbe river. The scenic Charles bridge is 520 meters long and is lined with statues. It was the first bridge to cross the Vltava river.

01 Charles bridge
02 Charles bridge
03 Charles bridge
04 Statues of St Elisabeth and St Margaret
05 Crucifix with golden hebraic inscription
06 View of Vlava river with tourist boat
07 Charles bridge
08 Street artist
09 Evening view of Vltava river and bridges
10 Vltava river and bridges
11 Panorama view of Prague
12 Vltava river with bridges
13 Manesuv bridge and Rudolfinum
14 View of Charles bridge and old town
15 New town riverfront at sunset
16 Vltava river at sunset
17 Vltava river and fisherman on boat
18 Vltava river at sunset
19 Vltava river at sunset
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