The Lednice castle (known as Eisgrub in German) is a beautiful castle in the south of the Czech republic close to the border to Austria. The castle is built in Neo-Gothic and Baroque styles and is surrounded by a large, well-kept park with beautiful gardens and vegetation. The Lednice castle is one of the most scenic castles in the Czech republic and attracts a large number of visitors every year. Originally a Renessaince villa, the castle was built by the Liechtenstein family in the 17th century and later rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style in the 19th century. The castle was added to the UNESCO world heritage list in 1996 together with the castle of Valtice.

01 Castle wing 02 Castle wing 03 Castle wing and chapel 04 Chapel 05 Tower of the chapel 06 Church facade
07 Tower 08 Castle wings and church 09 Lednice castle 10 Eastern facade
11 Side view of Lednice castle 12 Eastern facade 13 Lednice castle 14 Eastern facade
15 Eastern facade 16 Window 17 Coat of arms 18 Roof detail 19 Column decorations
20 Coats of arms 21 Angel with shields 22 Church pulpit 23 Church interior 24 Church interior
01 Flower beds 02 Flower beds 03 Flower beds 04 Flower beds 05 Park meadow and castle
06 Lednice castle 07 Castle wing 08 Park meadow 09 Park meadow 10 Glass house door
11 Glass house 12 Glass house 13 Glass house door 14 Palm tree 15 Plant with long fruit 16 Glass house interior
17 Plants in the glass house 18 Plants in the glass house 19 Ferns 20 Plants in the glass house 21 Red flower 22 Glass house
23 Cypress trees 24 Trees and bushes 25 Cypress trees and flower beds
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