Kromeriz (German name: Kremsier) is a small city located in the province of Moravia in the southeast of the Czech republic. The city dates back to the 13th century, when it was founded by the bishop of Olomouc, Bruno von Schauenburg. After destruction by the Swedes in the 30 years war, the centre of Kromeriz was rebuilt in the 17th century primarily in baroque style. The beautiful historic core is centered around the market square, the bishop's castle and the flower gardens. The latter two have been listed as UNESCO world heritage sites since 1998.

01 Ztracena street 02 Houses on market square 03 Market square 04 Archbishop castle 05 Archbishop castle
06 St Maurice cathedral 07 Market square 08 Panoramic view with market square 09 Panoramic view with market square
10 Alley 11 Archbishop castle inner court 12 St Maurice cathedral 13 Clock tower 14 Angel statue in castle court 15 Building facade
16 St Maurice cathedral 17 Market square 18 Houses on market square 19 Houses on market square
20 Houses on market square 21 Houses on market square 22 Judicial academy 23 Building facade 24 Building facade 25 Building facade
26 Kromeriz gardens 27 Kromeriz gardens 28 Fountain 29 Fountain statue 30 Kromeriz gardens
31 Pavilion in Kromeriz gardens 32 Kromeriz gardens 33 Kromeriz gardens 34 White bench 35 Flower beds
36 Notocactus roseoluteus with pink flowers
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