The St Hilarion castle lies in the coastal mountain range on a hilltop overlooking Kyrenia, a few km southwest of Kyrenia. It's easily accessible via a small mountain road. Originally a monastery built in the 10th century, starting from the 11th century it was converted by the Byzantines into a castle due to its strategic position. The castle consists of three sections, a lower one, a middle one with a Byzantine chapel and an upper one reserved for the nobility. The castle is nowadays in ruins, but some parts of it are well preserved.

01 Upper ward 02 St Hilarion castle 03 Barbican section 04 St Hilarion castle
05 Upper section 06 Tower 07 Castle entrance 08 Castle ruins 09 Mountains and coast
10 St Hilarion castle 11 Belvedere 12 Watchtower 13 St Hilarion castle 14 Entrance to lower ward
15 View through window 16 Path to Byzantine chapel 17  Byzantine chapel 18 St Hilarion chapel 19 Barbican section
20 Castle walls 21 Castle walls
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