Cape Kormakitis (Koruçam Burnu in Turkish) is the northwesternmost point of Cyprus. The cape is accessible via the coastal road and lies about 40km west of Kyrenia. About 20km to the southeast of this cape and a few km from the coast near Myrtou/Çamlıbel lies the Byron Pavlides villa, also known as the Blue house or Mavi Kösk. This site is guarded by the Turkish army. To access it is necessary to leave the passports at the Turkish army checkpoint. The villa was built by the Greek lawyer Byron Pavlides in 1957. About 15km to the southwest, in the village of Morphou (Güzelyurt in Turkish) there is the St Mamas Byzantine church or monastery. This was originally built by the Byzantines on the site of Aphrodite temple and reconstructed several times later. The Roman amphiteatre of Soli lies 20km southwest of Morphou. It is the most visible structure of a larger archaeological site dating back to the 11th century BC. The ruins of the palace of Vuoni lie on a hilltop 5 km west of Soli. It was built during the Persian period in the 5th century BC. Not much is left of this palace, except the foundations of the buildings.

01 Byron Pavlides villa 02 Room in Pavlides villa 03 Room in Pavlides villa 04 Room in Pavlides villa
05 Pavlides villa swimming pool 06 Blue house and pool 07 Byron Pavlides villa 08 Blue house and Turkish soldier
09 Cape Kormakitis 10 Korucam Burnu 11 Korucam Burnu 12 Cape Kormakitis
13 Tourist village 14 Plains 15 Olive tree plain 16 St Mamas Byzantine church
17 St Mamas Byzantine church 18 St Mamas Byzantine church tower 19 Roman amphitheater in Soli 20 Soli Roman amphitheater 21 Roman amphitheater in Soli
22 Soli Roman amphitheater 23 Roman amphitheater in Soli 24 Soli Roman amphitheater 25 Village with mosque
26 Vouni palace 27 Vouni 28 Vouni palace 29 Vouni ruins
30 Vouni palace 31 Vouni palace 32 Vouni view towards east
33 Northwest Cyprus hills 34 Mandarin tree 35 Mandarine tree
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