The northern coast of North Cyprus between Cape Kormakitis and Kaplica is a combination or sections with rocky beaches and stone beaches. Beaches here are quite unimpressive. This is mainly due to the mountain range which here runs parallel to the coast. The situation improves on the eastern coast of North Cyprus, where for instance in Salamis there is a nice sandy beach. In North Cyprus there are a number of mosques. Some have ben built from the beginning as mosques, others are former Christian which have been converted into mosques. The climate changes markedly between the northern and southern sides of the coastal mountain range. On the northern side the weather is usually worse with the northern side receiving a lot more rain. As a consequence the northern slopes of the coastal range are heavily forested, while the southern slopes are quite dry with little vegetation and tree cover.

01 North Cyprus coast 02 Kyrenia coast 03 Huge North Cyprus flag
04 Kyrenia coast 05 Abandoned beach restaurant 06 Rocky coast 07 North Cyprus coast
08 Rauf Denktas mosque in Kaplica 09 Rusty bus 10 Rocky coast 11 Rocky coast 12 Pebble stone beach
13 Bay of Lefke 14 Lefke coastline 15 Liquefied gas terminal 16 Hala Sultan mosque
17 Church converted to mosque 18 Leafless trees 19 Alevkaya forest 20 Road to St Magar
21 Alevkaya forest 22 Alevkaya forest 23 Alevkaya forest 24 Esentepe mosque
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