The ruins of the Buffavento castle lie on the top of a mountain at 950m of altitude, 15km southwest of Kyrenia. The castle is accessible via a narrow mountain road. This leads to a parking, from where visitors proceed along a well marked path with staircases to the castle. There is no entrance fee and the castle receives few visitors. Nowadays only ruins are left of the Buffavento castle. This was originally built as a Byzantine fortification to detect Arab raids and was later developed and improved by the Lusignans. On the castle there are good views of the coast and Nicosia.

01 Buffavento mountains 02 Parking 03 Buffavento castle 04 Path to castle 05 Mountain road
06 Mountain slope with road 07 View of plains towards Nicosia 08 Nicosia plains 09 Buffavento castle 10 Staircase to gatehouse
11 Lower ward 12 Lower section 13 Castle ruins 14 View of plains towards Nicosia
15 Buffavento mountains 16 Castle ruins 17 Upper section ruins 18 Ruins
19 View of plains towards Nicosia 20 Castle ruins 21 Coastal view through gate
22 Castle ruins
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