Amathus is an archaeological site located on the southern coast of Cyprus, a few km northeast of Limassol. This open-air site consists of an agora at sea level and an acropolis on a hill overviewing the sea. No intact structures are left except for a few columns here and there. Amathus was a site for the worship of the Aphrodite goddess. It was first settled in the 11th century BC by Eteocypriots, then around 800 BC by the Phoenicians. Amathus was later ruled by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks and the Romans. It was destroyed in 78 BC by an earthquake.

01 Ruins 02 Ancient Agora 03 Columns
04 Ancient Agora 05 Staircase 06 Amathus archaeological site 07 Ancient Agora
08 Column 09 Paved path 10 Amathus 11 Agora
12 Amathus site towards south 13 Ruins of house 14 Ancient ruins 15 Agora
16 Columns and ruins 17 Aqueduct stones 18 Corinthian columns
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