Located on the Dalmatian coast in southern Croatia, Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Split has an interesting historic core centred around the Diocletian palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an area of 160m x 190m. In Roman times this was a Roman palace built in the 4th century AD, which was later partially destroyed and covered with other buildings. Split was first settled in the 4th century BC and became a free city during the middle ages. Nowadays it acts as a hub to the neighbouring islands.

01 Riva waterfront 02 Cathedral of St Domnius 03 Diocletian palace 04 Ferry harbour
05 Riva promenade 06 Riva promenade 07 Riva promenade 08 Riva promenade
09 Ferry harbour 10 Cruise ships 11 Cruise ships
12 Diocletian palace 13 Old town square 14 Bay of Split 15 Bay of Split
16 Ferry harbour 17 Diocletian palace 18 Cathedral of St Domnius 19 Cathedral of St Domnius bell tower 20 Luxor cafe
21 Split 22 Split city roofs 23 Split city roofs 24 Bay of Split
25 St Domnius bell tower 26 Luxor cafe 27 Diocletian palace 28 Palace Augubio 29 Statue of Gregory of Nin
30 North of the city walls 31 Old town and antennas 32 Facade with blinds 33 Diocletian palace 34 Fountain 35 Open air market
36 Diocletian palace 37 Diocletian palace 38 City Center One shopping mall 39 Tuna pasta 40 City Center One food court
41 Love 42 Joker shopping mall 43 Joker shopping mall
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