The touristic highlight of Pula is the Roman amphitheatre. This is a very well preserved arena which was constructed between 27BC and 68 AD. It is built entirely out of local limestone and is nowadays used as a venue for concerts with seating for up to 20000 people. The Pula arena has an elliptical shape measuring 132m x 105m, extending from northeast to southwest. The seating area is on the eastern side and is on the slope of a hill. Restoration of the arena started during the Napoleonic period and continued in the Habsburg period.

01 Outisde wall with arches 02 Roman amphitheatre 03 Pula arena 04 Outisde wall with arches
05 Outisde wall with arches 06 Arched walls 07 Arches 08 Pula arena 09 Interior of Pula arena
10 Roman amphitheatre 11 Interior of Pula arena 12 Pula arena 13 Pula arena
14 Arena interior with Arched wall 15 Concentric rows of seats 16 Rows of seats 17 Rows of seats 18 Rows of seats
19 Roman amphitheatre 20 St Anthony church 21 Arched walls 22 Arched walls 23 Tourists in Pula arena
24 Passage below arched wall
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