To the northwest of the West Lake lies the Lingyin area, known as the "Buddhist Kingdom in the Southeast", a park area with scenic hills, streams, trees, historic relics and caves. In this area lies the Yunlin Buddhist temple, first built in 326 AD by the Indian monk Hui Li and nowadays one of the ten largest Zen Buddhist temples in China. Like most structures in this area, the temple has been destroyed and rebuilt. A cablecar leads to the top of the Northern Peak hill (Bei Gaofeng) from which there are nice views of the area. Unfortunately the heavy air pollution limits the visibility.

01 Gazebo 02 Stele with Chinese characters 03 Turtle stele 04 Statue of warrior 05 Yunlin Buddhist temple 06 Yunlin Buddhist temple
07 Praying candles 08 Golden Buddha statue 09 Pagoda roof 10 Pagoda roof 11 Lion stone carving 12 Stone carvings
13 Buddhist temple pagoda 14 Buddha statue 15 Round fountain 16 Buddha statue 17 Panorama view of valley
18 Panorama view of lake 19 Incense burner
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