The Ganden Monastery is one of the great three Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet (the other two being Drepung and Sera). It lies at 4500 metres a.s.l. on the Wangbur Mountain, 47 km east of Lhasa. Being the furthest away from Lhasa of the three Gelupka monasteries, Ganden has a smaller monk population. However, it was the original monastery of the Geluk order, founded by Tsongkhapa himself, and traditionally considered to be the seat of Geluk administrative and political power. The monastery nowadays houses 400 monks.

01 Panorama view 02 Panorama view 03 Main temple 04 Building with golden roof decorations
05 Wall fresco 06 Entrance to prayer hall 07 Wall hanging 08 Prayer hall 09 Buddhist monks 10 Building with golden roof decorations
11 Mountains and golden roof decoration 12 Mountains and golden roof decorations 13 Golden roof cylinder 14 Golden roof cylinders 15 Golden roof cylinders and panorama view 16 Golden roofs
17 Golden roof cylinder 18 Building with golden roof cylinders 19 Panorama view and mountains 20 Mountains and Ganden valley 21 Building
22 Building with golden roof decorations 23 Temple entrance 24 Stupa and temple 25 Front view with wall hangings 26 Panorama view
27 Main temple
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