The Hai river flows through Tianjin, dividing the city into southern and northern halves. In the centre of Tianjin the riverfronts are beautifully set up, with promenades for pedestrians and elegant buildings. Close to the train station is a business district with many skyscrapers and the Tianjin World Financial Centre, a 334m high building. The Tianjin Eye is a giant panoramic wheel spanning across the Hai river.

01 Waterfront near old town 02 Residential buildings near waterfront 03 Tianjin Eye panoramic wheel 04 Fishing in the Hai river
05 Hai river at Yinluanrujin statue 06 Waterfront near Tianjin Eye 07 Hai river 08 Riverside promenade
09 Hai river 10 Business district skyscrapers 11 Business district 12 Business district 13 Tianjin World Financial Centre
14 Tianjin World Financial Centre 15 Business district 16 Business district at night 17 Business district at night
18 Business district at night
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