In this gallery you'll find a number of panoramic views of the Macau peninsula taken from various locations. As you can see the Macau peninsula is highly urbanised and suffers from heavy air pollution. Macau is connected by a speedboat service with Hong Kong. The international airport has been built on a strip of land reclaimed from the sea.

01 Panorama view of Macau 02 Panorama view of Macau 03 Panorama view of Macau
04 Panorama view of Macau 05 Night view of hotel and casino area 06 Night view of hotel and casino area 07 Night view of hotel and casino area
08 Airasia jet in Macau airport 09 Macau airport hall 10 Bridge to Taipa 11 Bridge to Taipa
12 Harbour 13 Speedboat to Hong Kong 14 Speedboat to Hong Kong 15 Macau tower viewing platform 16 Exhibition fair
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