The Tiananmen square (Tiananmen Guangchang in Chinese) is a large square in the centre of Beijing, south of the Tiananmen (Gate of Heavenly Peace in Chinese). It has great cultural significance because it has been the site of several key events in Chinese history. The square measures 880 metres from south to north and 500 metres from east to west and is the largest open urban square in the world.

01 Southern gate pavilion 02 Tiananmen square and people 03 Tiananmen square and people 04 Monument to peoples heroes 05 Monument to peoples heroes
06 War memorial monument 07 Chinese policeman 08 Mao mausoleum 09 Monument to peoples heroes 10 War memorial monument 11 War memorial monument
12 War memorial monument 13 Museum of Chinese history 14 Museum of Chinese history and floral decorations 15 Gate of Heavenly Peace
16 Gate of Heavenly Peace 17 East panoramic view 18 West panoramic view 19 Southern gate pavilion at dusk
20 Old bus station building at night 21 Tower of old bus station building at night 22 Illuminated southern gate pavilion at night 23 Illuminated southern gate pavilion at night 24 Mao mausoleum at night 25 Illuminated pavilion facade detail at night
26 Museum of Chinese history at night 27 Monument to peoples heroes at night
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