The Lama temple (雍和宫 Yōnghégōng or Yonghe temple) is located in Beijing's Dongcheng district, a few km northeast of the Forbidden City. It's a Tibetan Buddhist temple and monastery which until 1723 was the residence of prince Yin Zhen. In 1744 it was converted to lama monastery and became the residence for a large number of Tibetan Buddhist monks from Mongolia and Tibet. The temple is open to the public and consists of a number of archways and halls.

01 Path to Lama temple 02 Path to Lama temple 03 Outer gate 04 Courtyard with parking
05 Main gate 06 Lion statue 07 Courtyard 08 Pavilion 09 Praying women
10 Lama temple 11 Wanfu pavilion 12 Yonghe gong 13 Lama temple 14 Lama temple
15 Courtyard with Wanfu pavilion
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