The temple of Preah Khan lies to the northeast of Angkor Thom city at the centre of an enclosure measuring 700m x 800m. It was built during the reign of Jayavarman VII in 1181. The temple is largely unrestored, with trees overgrowing the ruins in some parts.

01 Tree lined processional walkway 02 Western gate with three towers 03 Garuda bas-relief 04 Temple in forest 05 Main sanctuary
06 Tree overgrowing temple ruins 07 Two storey building with columns 08 Two storey building with columns 09 Corridor 10 Panorama view of ruins in central section 11 Central section building
12 Corridor 13 Entrance to main sanctuary 14 Entrance to main sanctuary 15 Bas-relief showing warrior 16 Southern gate 17 Garuda bas-relief
18 Lion statue
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