This gallery contains pictures of churches in Vienna. Construction for the Stephansdom (Stephan's cathedral) started in the 12th century and proceeded until the 19th century. The Stephansdom was rebuilt after WW II. The Stift church was built between 1739 and 1772, the Votiv church between 1855-79, the newgothic Maria vom Siege between 1868 and 1875, while construction for the Michaeler church started in the 12th century and continued until the 17th century.

01 Stephansdom (cathedral) 02 Stephansdom (cathedral) - front view 03 Stephansdom (cathedral) - clock tower 04 Stephansdom (cathedral) - roof detail 05 Stephansdom (cathedral) - interior detail 06 Stephansdom (cathedral) - interior
07 Michaeler church 08 Maria vom Siege church 09 Maria vom Siege church 10 Stift church 11 Stift church 12 Votiv church
13 Votiv church - clock tower
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