Darling Harbour was originally part of the commercial port of Sydney, including the Darling Harbour Railway Goods Yard. By the 1980s it was not used anymore and had become a grimy and moribund industrial docks area. The local state government then decided to pump millions of dollars into the area as part of the 1988 Bicentenary Project. Nowadays Darling Harbour comprises the Tumbalong park, the Sydney Convention centre, a commercial area consisting of the Harbourside shopping centre and many hotels, a marina and a number of museums, a zoo and the Sydney Acquarium.

01 Market city shopping centre 02 Tumbalong park 03 Tumbalong park 04 Australian white ibis birds
05 Fountain in Tumbalong park 06 Fountain in Tumbalong park 07 Sydney convention centre 08 Sydney convention centre
09 Sydney convention centre 10 Harbourside shopping centre 11 Hotels and Harbourside shopping centre 12 Hotels and Harbourside shopping centre 13 Date palms
14 Waterfront and flags 15 Waterfront and flags 16 National maritime museum 17 Sydney aquarium 18 White catamaran
19 Pyrmont bridge and monorail 20 National maritime museum 21 Promenade and flags 22 Darling harbour 23 Waterfront and flags
24 Darling harbour 25 Harbourside shopping complex
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