The Blue Mountains are a section of the Great Dividing Range in Australia, about 50km to the west of Sydney. The name comes from the blue mist which is emitted by the millions of eucalyptus trees in the area. The Blue Mountains consists mainly of a sandstone plateau with a maximum altitude of 1190m. Over time the plateau was eroded by rivers and streams which caused the formation of a large number of gorges and canyons. A large number of different species of eucalyptus trees as well as other flora grow in the area. The Blue Mountains are a popular tourist destination and have been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2000. Seven national parks and a conservation area are located in the Blue Mountains. The Three Sisters are three adjacent rock pillars which can be observed from Echo Point, a panorama viewpoint near Leura, a small city in the area with many cafes and antique stores.

01 Corner shop 02 Flowering tree 03 Blue Mountains 04 Eucalyptus trees 05 Road and Eucalyptus trees
06 Eucalyptus trees 07 Bottlebrush flower 09 Tree 10 Blue Mountains 11 Blue Mountains
12 Blue Mountains 13 Blue Mountains 14 Tourists walking down on trail 15 Wentworth waterfall 16 Forest
17 Forest 18 Forest 18 Tourists walking down on trail 19 Crossing the stream 20 Waterfall and tourists
21 Blue Mountains 22 Wentworth waterfall 23 Tree with flowers 24 Forest and summer house 25 Fir cone
26 Forest 27 Stream and waterfall 28 Stream and waterfall 29 Waterfall
30 Blue Mountains 31 Blue Mountains 32 Ice-cream seller 33 Leura
34 Flower bed in Leura 35 Leura 36 Blue Mountains panoramic view 37 Blue Mountains and Three Sisters
38 Three Sisters rock formation 39 View of Three Sisters and valley 40 Three Sisters rock formation 41 Three Sisters sandstone rock formation 42 Three Sisters rock formation
43 Three Sisters rock formation 44 Blue Mountains 45 Blue Mountains sandstone cliffs 46 Blue Mountains sandstone cliffs 47 Trail in the forest
48 Ferns 49 Fern 50 Waterfall and cliffs 51 Waterfall 52 Forest canopy
53 Blue Mountains 54 Blue Mountains
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