Ruins photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Ruins
Ancient Olympia photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Ancient Olympia
Tyrins photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Tyrins
Colosseum photo gallery  - 8 pictures of Colosseum
10 photos of the ruins of Mystras, including the Kastro fortress built by Guillaume de Villehardouin in 1248
16 photos of the archeological site of ancient Olympia in western Greece
19 photos of the Mycenaean archaeological site of Tyrins in the western Peloponnese
8 photos of the Colosseum an amphitheatre built in ancient Rome times
Roman Forum photo gallery  - 23 pictures of Roman Forum
Temples of Angkor photo gallery  - 250 pictures of Temples of Angkor
Central Petra photo gallery  - 18 pictures of Central Petra
East ridge tombs photo gallery  - 18 pictures of East ridge tombs
The Monastery photo gallery  - 19 pictures of The Monastery
The Treasury photo gallery  - 15 pictures of The Treasury
23 photos of the Roman Forum, the political, commercial and juridical centre of Rome
250 photos of the temples of Angkor in Cambodia, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1992
18 photos of the centre of Petra with temples, the theatre and the royal palace
18 photos of the cliff of the east ridge with the impressive facades of the Royal tombs
19 photos of the Monastery, Petra's most impressive monument on a mountain 220m above central Petra
15 photos of the Treasury, the most significant monument of Petra
Um Muang Khmer site photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Um Muang Khmer site
Wat Phu in Champasak photo gallery  - 41 pictures of Wat Phu in Champasak
Site 1 photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Site 1
Site 2 photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Site 2
Site 3 photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Site 3
15 photos of the Um Muang Khmer temple ruin, which dates back to the 9th century
41 photos of Wat Phu, a Khmer temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site
24 photos of Site 1, the largest of the three sites open to tourists in the Plain of jars
14 photos of site 2, about 25km south of Phonsavan
11 photos of the site 3, which lies about 10km south of site 2
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