Memphis photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Memphis
Luxor temple photo gallery  - 48 pictures of Luxor temple
Saqqara photo gallery  - 30 pictures of Saqqara
Pyramids photo gallery  - 64 pictures of Pyramids
16 photos of Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt during the pharaonic time
48 photos of the mighty temple of Luxor, built by Amenhotep III and Ramses II on the east bank of the Nile river
30 photos of the Egyptian necropolis of Saqqara, famous for the step pyramid of Djoser
64 photos of the pyramids in Giza and Saqqara
Dresden photo gallery  - 104 pictures of Dresden
Krakow photo gallery  - 104 pictures of Krakow
Lednice photo gallery  - 49 pictures of Lednice
104 photos of the city of Dresden on the Elbe river with its beautiful historic core
104 photos of Krakow, the ancient capital of Poland on the Vistula river
49 photos of the impressive, UNESCO-listed Lednice castle in the south of the Czech republic
Auschwitz I camp photo gallery  - 16 pictures of Auschwitz I camp
Birkenau camp photo gallery  - 30 pictures of Birkenau camp
16 photos of the Auschwitz I concentration camp in southern Poland
30 photos of the Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp in Oswjecim
Auschwitz photo gallery  - 46 pictures of Auschwitz
Palazzo dei Normanni photo gallery  - 13 pictures of Palazzo dei Normanni
Agrigento temples photo gallery  - 38 pictures of Agrigento temples
Selinunte photo gallery  - 39 pictures of Selinunte
46 photos of the Auschwitz concentration camp near Krakow in Poland
13 photos of the Palazzo dei Normanni (Palace of the Normans), the former residence of the kings of Sicily
38 photos of the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento, one of the most significant archaeological sites of ancient Greece
39 photos of Selinunte, a large archaeological site on the southern coast of Sicily dating back to the Greek period
Confucius temple photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Confucius temple
Official God of War temple photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Official God of War temple
Abu Simbel photo gallery  - 74 pictures of Abu Simbel
Grand Palace photo gallery  - 24 pictures of Grand Palace
10 photos of the Confucius temple in Tainan, an ancient centre of Confucian studies
9 photos of the Official God of War temple, the oldest and most impressive temple in Taiwan
74 photos of the temples of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt
24 photos of the Grand Palace in Bangkok, the major tourist attraction of Bangkok
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